We’re opening the gateway to tomorrow.

Virginia is a world-class center for emerging Internet technology, software development, fiber optics and advanced communications companies.

The state is home to the highest concentration of technology workers in the country, and ranks 4th in Total Technology Employment as reported in Cyberstates 2013. In Southern Virginia alone, nearly 16,000 people work in the professional, scientific, and technical services sector.

These workers are supported by an acclaimed educational system offering a variety of cutting-edge IT degree programs and training. Several area community colleges offer curriculum focused on the wireless sector, and there are extensive fiber optic capabilities in the region.

The Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER) has recently formed a collaborative partnership, known as the SMART-HC Group, to support the wireless industry.  Read more about the SMART-HC initiative here.

Representative companies: 

  • BGB Technology:  Wireless Ethernet bridge systems
  • Innovative Wireless Technologies: Wireless antenna design operations
  • Networking Technologies + Support (NTS):  Systems integration provider