Labor & Workforce

When combined with nearby metro areas such as Greensboro and Research Triangle Park, (North Carolina), and Roanoke and Richmond (Virginia), Southern Virginias labor force exceeds two million talented, highly-skilled workers.

Workforce At a Glance:

Gender: Approximately 49% male, 51% female
Age: 41.25 (median)
Availability: Average unemployment rate of 6.89%, compared to 5.6% statewide (August 2013).

In short, Southern Virginia has a healthy pipeline of experienced workers eager to apply their under-utilized skills.

Access to Educated Workforce

Southern Virginia has a well-educated workforce, thanks largely to development efforts that focus training on employer-specific needs, as well as advanced manufacturing skills.

Additional Labor Resources Southern Virginia Region
High School Graduates Not Continuing (2011-2012)


Two-Year College Graduates (Spring 2012)


Two-Year College Enrollees (Fall 2012)


Other College and University Graduates (Spring 2012)




Nearly 82% of Southern Virginia’s population age 25 years or older are high school graduates, and approximately 23% of the region’s population age 25 years or older have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. More than 43% of the region’s available workers are employed by sectors utilizing skilled trades.

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