Making the power that makes progress.

Virginia is home to 400 energy companies with 665 establishments across the state, including five of the nation’s 86 waste-to-energy plants.

Our energy sector is comprised of traditional power generation and mining, as well as emerging technologies such as smart grid technology and renewable fuels.

Some of the world’s largest energy companies have operations in Southern Virginia, including Areva, ABB and Alstom Power. There’s also a high concentration of energy research at federal labs, universities and private industry throughout Virginia.

Electricity is generated by a responsible, balanced mix of nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, wood biomass, and clean coal.  The region’s strong agricultural base provides abundant biomass resources—including biofuel crops such as switch grass, miscanthus and winter barley. 

The region’s roots in forestry and wood products make it a natural fit for pellet manufacturing. Nearly 2,000 workers in the region are employed in occupations supporting natural and renewable energy operations. Virginia’s favorable, pro-business regulatory climate offers cost savings and reduced permitting times.

Representative companies:

  • ABB, Inc.:  Power transformers
  • Alstom Power:  Power generation equipment, turbines
  • Areva:  Nuclear power, fuels
  • Dominion: Nuclear power, biomass
  • South Boston Energy:  Biomass electricity generation
  • The Babcock & Wilcox Company:  Energy products and services, nuclear
  • Wood Fuel Developers, LLC:  Wood pellet manufacturing