Advanced Manufacturing

We’re built for business…from the ground up.

You can’t find a better place for manufacturing than Southern Virginia. We offer low electricity rates, state-of-the-art utilities and telecommunications infrastructure, and construction costs at least 16% lower than the national average.

More than 46,000 skilled workers are employed in the region’s manufacturing sector, with hourly manufacturing wages ranging between $15 and $30, comparable to the national average of $19.08 (1st Qtr 2013).

And the savings keep adding up. Machinery & Tools Tax rates in the region are amongst the lowest in Virginia, and companies benefit from tax exemptions on purchases of machinery, tools, replacement parts and raw materials used in production, as well as all utilities delivered through pipes, mains and lines for any purpose. Virginia also does not tax accounts receivable, inventory, computer software or other intangibles.

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) is located in Southern Virginia, and local community colleges provide customized workforce training programs for manufacturing companies. There are also a number of ready-to-go sites with significant public water and wastewater capacities. Natural gas is also available to many sites in the region.

Southern Virginia is highly accessible – 14 railroads operate on more than 3,500 miles of railway in the region, of which more than 3,100 miles are Class I. Two of the nation’s largest railroads – CSX Corporation and Norfolk Southern – serve the region.

Representative companies:

  • Abbott Laboratories:  Pharmaceuticals
  • B.I. Chemicals, Inc.:  Chemicals for pharmaceutical industry
  • CP Films, Inc.:  Plastics
  • DuPont:  Synthetic fibers; Kevlar, Tyvek, Nomex
  • Eastman/Kodak: Chemical manufacturing
  • Goodyear: Tire manufacturing
  • Hill Phoenix Inc.:  Refrigerated cases and systems
  • Honeywell International, Inc.:  Advanced fibers and composites; polyethylene fiber
  • Quantum Silicones:  Specialty silicones for the aerospace, automotive, and healthcare markets
  • Reiss Manufacturing:  Silicone rubber, plastic molded products; shielding material
  • RTI Metals: Titanium metals manufacturing
  • Tessy Plastics, LLC: Customized injection molding products
  • Wako USA:  Specialty chemicals