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Why Southern Virginia?

Connected. Pro-business. Skilled workforce. All make Southern Virginia the go-to location for your business.

Target Industries

Distribution & Logistics

Virginia is within a two-day drive of approximately 70% of the U.S. population and over 300,000 manufacturing operations.

Automotive & Motorsports

In the past 10 years, automotive-related firms created 5,200 new jobs and made investments over $1.1 billion in Virginia.


Agriculture and forestry are Virginia’s top two industries and a large part of the state’s heritage.


With the highest concentration of technology workers in the country, we’re a center of innovation and growth.

Advanced Manufacturing

With reliable utilities, low taxes and affordable construction costs, Southern Virginia is built for Advanced Manufacturing.


Virginia is a leader in power generation and mining, as well as emerging smart grid technology and renewable fuels.

IT & Data Centers

Southern Virginia offers robust power, water, telecommunications and other infrastructure for mission-critical facilities.